Monday, January 18, 2010

HR Triplets

Not long ago, Dharmesh Shah at gathered his best start-up advice and reduced it down to exactly three words. When I read it, I saw loads of HR specific advice. Specifically, HR at start-ups should be focused on hiring, creating and fostering culture, rewarding/acknowledging/celebrating, and helping the organization function smoothly and with focus day to day. Triplets offer simple, easy to remember, valuable pieces of advice and focus.

Hire generalists early.

Hire specialists later.

Hire your Culture.

Invest in culture.

Recruit with zest.

Build your team.

Nurture your best.

Celebrate your successes.

Focus, focus, focus.

Encourage diverse thinking.

Encourage rational debate.

Make decisions swiftly.

Don’t break laws.

Cancel unnecessary meetings.

Improve employee's resumes.

Wisely allocate resources.

Keep it fun.

Smell the roses.

Share glory widely

Invest in people.

Do you follow this advice? How can you change your focus to support these causes? What triplet advice can you add?