Monday, July 13, 2009

Turnover vs. Performance Management

Just about everyone at one time or the other recommends turnover as one of HR's most valuable metrics. This is something I've looked at in many different ways, but coming from a small start up I just don't know if its valuable at all.

I'm reading a book now, called 'The Pursuit of Something Better' (more to come). In several cases, employees were 'forced into early retirement' or otherwise encouraged to resign because it wasn't working out.

Haven't most of us seen this in one way or the other? An employee resigns because they get feedback their performance is sub-par or they get a less than desirable pay increase. Maybe they are told more frankly to leave or get fired. These cases skew what we assume when we see turnover rate.

I know the ways we calculate turnover can vary and can be valuable in some cases, but for me and for right now it doesn't seem to offer value.

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