Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Always be open to interns

Invest your time, be open minded, search for, and nurse interns. Interns can bring you high quality work, can be free, might be your next full timer, and can offer a breath of fresh air, inspiration and creativity.

Open minded is a key word - maybe you didn't think you needed a business development intern, or a graphic designer. If they are willing to work and they are sharp, bring them in. Invest some time talking at schools, hosting events, and posting internship opportunities.

Interns benefit from this arrangement too. They build their resume, gain real experience (probably diverse and meaningful experience), and position themselves for a job with you!

Warning: Be sure they get something from the experience - ask them if they are (or what would make them) having a good experience. More importantly, make sure you don't spend too much time telling them what to do. Time sucking interns are like the plague! Pick a few isolated projects you can let them run with. Give them free reign and have regular check-in and feedback sessions. If they bring more trouble than value cut them loose.

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