Monday, July 19, 2010

Chart a Path; share your vision

A Harris Interactive/Franklin Covey poll of over 23,000 employees showed 37% didn't understand their companies' priorities. Only 1 in 5 was enthusiastic about their organization's goals, and only 1 in 5 saw a clear connection between their tasks and their organization's goals.

That should be a concerning number. Chances are a whole mess of folks in your company are less effective, and certainly less engaged, than they could be.

One reason for this is a lack of communication and absence of effective goals for your team. Another issue is that employee's don't share your vision for the company. Gene Wickman, in his book Traction, says the number one reason employees don't share a company vision is that they don't know what it is. Your employees need to hear the vision 7 times before they really here it for the first time. before it sinks in. The first couple of times employees will roll their eyes and say 'here we go again" but around the 7th time folks understand and act on that vision.

Be patient. Communicate often. Discuss and set goals tied to the vision.

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