Wednesday, April 29, 2009

List of various lists for no particular reason in no particular order

When I started to dig deeper, to learn more about HR (and startups and technology). I came across Steve Boese's blog about the Intersection of HR and Technology - and his list of HR Who's Who to follow on Twitter. This was such a helpful list I saved it - #1. I know others would find it helpful. What else did I want to have handy - to refer to, to share?

I then started gathering lists of lists ... they even started to stray from a common theme (except they were lists). Here is my list of lists:

#1 Your First 100 Twitter Follow

The first 100 to follow for HR was so essential, I thought the Law equivalent would be helpful.

#2 The Law equivalent of getting started Twitter feeds

Job Seekers, Career blogs, Management, Leadership and Personal Development .... oh my.

#3 50 People on twitter job seekers should follow

#4 Top English-language Career Blogs

#5 Top 100 Management and Leadership Blogs

HR lists aren't always the most exciting, but I like these:

#6 50 Common Interview Questions and Answers - very cool.

#7 HR listservs (recruiting)

#8 Workforce Management's Hot List, with the top HR providers, produces and services

#9 Top 100 Human Resources Companies
#10 Highest paid HR executives listed in Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

#11 HR's Most Influential 2008

Now it's out in the open - I've become a bit of a lover of lists. Lists for lists sake. They not only say just one cool thing about an interesting topic, but a list of cool things.

#12 Top 10 ways career top 10 lists are like porn

#13 101 ways to annoy your coworkers

#14 100 free ebooks for business students and entrepreneurs

#15 Free online college courses - Holy learning batman

#16 64 Things every geek should know

#17 20 ways to discover new music

#18 100 conversation topics (intended for e-learning professionals but I think they are interesting for all)

#19 The List of Lists, the blog of Top Tens (wow .... the mother load, from beer, to birds and birding, to Chicago and green cleaning products)

#20 100 Ways to Succeed #157: Excellence = People first, second, third, and so on ..... ok, this is not a list but Tom Peters does not hate HR and I just had to include it.

All these lists mean something to me. I love them, and want to save them. And share them. I hope I don't hear from you with a list of ways I've wasted your time ...


  1. Lists galore!!! OMG, I love this. This was exactly what I was searching for yesterday. Thank you!!!

  2. Add the 50 HR Blogs for 2009

  3. Got to keep track of more!

    Top 50 HR Blogs to watch in 2009 - 100 Excellent, Educational Twitter Feeds -